appliance repair canada

Why Appliance Repair?

Why appliance repair? Good question! I just got employed in the last month as an appliance repair technician mostly fixing major appliances in domestic kitchens and I love it a lot, but I still dream of owning and operating my own museum one day.

Appliance repair to me is a must in any city, and that’s why I love it. I get to help people with the services they need while talking and meeting with new people. After visiting Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg and a bunch of other cities around Canada in the last month I have found that appliances have been a more revolutionary invention than the internet when it comes to shaping how our civilization actually functions. Before internet we already had phones, TV and radio, but before modern kitchen appliances we had medieval hearths!

So that’s why appliance repair is a crucial part of this museum-themed blog and I hope you enjoy our content.