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Kelowna BC Appliance Services Changed My Life! – Here’s How…

Welcome to this story of how my life changed. This blog would not be the way it is today if I had not visited the wonderful city of Kelowna in inner British Columbia this summer. It all started as recent as two weeks ago. I was driving alone down the road when I saw an old man dumping a broken-down oven on the side of the road. He seemed to be struggling so I curbed my car and hopped out to ask if he needed help.

It turned out this strange old man needed a lot of help as he had more than ten other major kitchen appliances he was dumping on the side of the road. I ended up helping him for more than an hour as he had broken fridges and gas ranges that all needed to be set neatly for a his son’s junk removal truck to pick up. The reason my life changed that day is because of the things that old man said to me.

He said many things that I’ll never forget, but here are some of my favorite quotes:

  1. “Never fix an appliance that isn’t already broken.”
  2. “Find something you love and love it as much as you can.”
  3. “Life’s too short to clean your jeans by hand, so buy a clothes washing machine.”
  4. “I wish I had gotten a dishwasher a lot sooner, as over my life I’ve spent countless thousands of hours doing my own dishes with a mucky sponge.”
Kelowna BC, Canada

Indeed, as you can guess this man had been an appliance repair mechanic all his life, and he had just retired the day before. When I told him that I had just recently been employed as an appliance mechanic myself, he opened up to me and gave me a life’s experience in one hour of words. He had collected these appliances over his lifetime hoping to fix them on his spare time and sell them to friends and family, but had never gotten around to it. He had been in and out of the hospital over the past 8 years for stomach cancer and now he was finally ready to give his broken home appliances away. He taught me many tricks of the trade and appliance repair tips, and I’ll be sharing these over the years on this blog for I had written them down in my notebook.

The reason why this story was so life changing for me is because that is when I got the idea for an appliance museum exhibition and really grew a respect for following one’s dreams and working hard in life to maintain a nice home. This man had worked so hard all his life and he had a lot to show for it. His house was tantamount to a mansion with 4 floors and countless large windows. He had a butler who cleaned and cooked for him and a wife who loved him dearly. For me it was a slap across the face that said I needed to adjust my path and change my thinking, and it was such an impactful moment that I am crying right now as I write this.

If you had met this old man for yourself, you’d understand. But unfortunately I learned from his wife over the phone that he had died two days after I had left. I will never forget him. Thanks for reading and check back at my blog––soon for my museum and appliance repair related content. Until then, farewell!