manitoba museum

Blog Revamp and Update

Let’s get straight to it. This website no longer handles fundraising money for museums in Manitoba. I’ve always wanted to just relax and blog and now I have the chance, but I didn’t want to change the website because some regular readers still come here and I love you all.

If you would like to donate to Manitoba museums than we suggest you contact them directly. Donating to museums allows them to build their collections and that benefits everyone in Manitoba.

Other News

After many changes over the year’s you might be sad to learn that my little brother Harry has become the exhibition coordinator for a museum in London. Or maybe you’re not sad, but I’m jealous. He has taken the dream job I always wanted but I guess it’s not too late for me. Harry got his Honors in Art History and I think that’s why they hired him. He also has a lot of experience in managing events from his years of working for a wedding company. So far he loves his new job and I’ll be flying to London from Manitoba on May 14th 2019 to visit him.