medieval manitoba

A New Great Idea for a Museum Exhibition: Medieval Canadians

Hello, folks. Yesterday night while taking a shower I came up with a great idea for a museum exhibition and I want to share it with you. If you have the power to make this real, feel free to use my idea as I believe it will help any museum get a lot more visitors.

As some of my friends know, I believe we’re living in the Second Renaissance and some hard evidence to prove it is Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and South Africans all looking back at their medieval heritage because now Columbus and all the explorers of his time in the 15th century have left us to enjoy their party without them and now we’re all wondering where we came from. To learn about our heritage we are forced to explore medieval Europe. So a great exhibition plan would be to research where the majority of your town’s or city’s heritage comes from and make an exhibition that teaches people about the medieval heritage of the people who migrated here in the 15th century.

I believe this would be great for the Manitoba Museum to do about French and English immigrants in the 15th to 17th centuries, because this is a grey and nebulous topic. When we think of Canadian history we usually think of the 18th and 19th centuries, but the the truth is Europeans were living in Canada in the late Middle Ages, as late at the 1490s and that is what an exhibition should be showing.

So the title of this exhibition would be Medieval Canadians, and it would explore the first Canadians who lived in Manitoba during the 15th century. Of course, they wouldn’t be called “Canadians” that early in time but it’s easy for us to call them that because they lived in the land that we now call Canada.

So what are your thoughts on this? Thanks for reading! If you’re think about visiting I’d love to wish you welcome to Manitoba!