strange things in manitoba

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Oddities in a Museum of Blog Posts

As a lover of the Manitoba Museum and all museums in Manitoba I started this blog some time ago to help raise fundraising for new oddities but over the years after not being able to gain anything I have just decided to stop bugging people about fundraising and now my blog is just about regular, everyday stuff that’s on my mind.

Over the years you can expect posts about my days at work, my vacations and sharing stories about people and events I know. I like to talk about my visits to museums, not only in Manitoba but anywhere in the world.

I also might just talk about strange things and oddities in Manitoba so buckle your seat belt, bookmark this blog and get ready for the ride! Thank you so much for being a reader. If it wasn’t for people like you who support my blog I wouldn’t continue. Or maybe I would but that’s because I find it meditative to write and get my ideas out there.

So thank you and stay tuned.