A Great Idea For a Museum from a Friend at Auto Detailing Victoria

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared cool museum ideas here. A while ago we talked about an appliance museum, but I believe this idea I’m about to share is even better. I have to admit though the idea wasn’t mine. A good friend I met in Victoria BC shared it with me but he gave me full rights to use it because he knows he’ll never get around to doing it himself. So what’s this great idea? Keep reading to find out!

A Museum for Old Cars Owned by Famous People!

I’m sure car museums already exist because so many people love them. We have race car lovers, monster truck lovers, motorcycle lovers, etc. But, I bet there isn’t a museum for old cars that were once owned by famous people yet! If there is then I apologize, and I really need to go there. I want to share this idea either way because Canada could use more cool museums and this idea is great.

I’d love to see the car that all my favorite celebrities drove in. My friend from Auto Detailing Victoria who shared this idea with me said he wants to sit in Elvis’ car, and he would pay a lot of money to do it. That could be another great way for the museum to make money. They could charge celebrity fans for sitting in the car. Isn’t that great! It would even just be cool to know what kind of cars celebrities drove. Like, I have no idea what my favorite TV stars used to drive.


Here is a list of all the celebrities I love enough to pay to sit in their car:

  1. Jack Black
  2. Jim Carey
  3. Will Smith
  4. Madonna
  5. Stephen Colbert
  6. Neil deGrasse Tyson

I’m sure there are a lot more but they don’t come to my head right now. As a museum lover who loves electronics like appliances this appeals to me a lot because cars are amazing and provide such great services for people on our planet. I’m glad to see that things are turning electric but there’s nothing more awesome than old cars sometimes. I think opening a museum that let’s people sit in celebrity’s cars would be great for our Canadian economy because people would come from all around the world to do it.

classic automobile

What do you think? Would you go to a museum like this? I sure would! I know old cars aren’t for everyone but I think a lot of people would like this.

Just imagine it! Imagine what it would feel like to sit in the same seat that George RR Martin sat in and put your hands on the steering wheel. I might have to scream with joy if that happened, and I forgot to put him on my list!

Who’s car would you like to sit in? Is there a celebrity you love so much that you would travel across the world and pay a fee just to sit in their car? My friend who is an auto detailer in Victoria BC made another great point, and I was surprised to hear it because he washes vehicles for a living. He said, despite how awesome it is to have clean cars on display he would prefer to sit in Elvis’ car while it’s in the same condition it was when Elvis passed away. It’s probably hard to find cars from dead celebrities in their original condition because collectors enjoy cleaning them but I’m sure it could be done if we dig hard enough.

So that was my friend’s cool museum idea. I had a lot of fun driving across Canada and I hope to do it again sometime soon!