5 Reasons Why Museums are Important

Today I want to share 5 reasons why museums are important. As a museum lover I try to think why someone who doesn’t know much about museums might want to care more about them. So let’s begin.

Five Reasons

  1. Museums educate people in a way no other thing can. If you want to learn about something, there are many ways to do it, but none of them are quite like going to an exhibition in the museum. Unlike reading Wikipedia articles, going to the museum let’s you see things physically right in front of your eyes and you can reach out and touch them. Usually experts can guide you and describe the thing you want to learn as you tour through a physical place. Even virtual reality isn’t quite like this, and it’s very special.
  2. They get children excited to learn. Indeed, I remember being 9 years old and going to an exhibition about WW2 airplanes at the museum and that day I fell in love with airplanes. A child can find his or her passion by accident simply by going to the museum.
  3. They give you exercise. My mom used to say the main reason she loved shopping in the mall is because she’s forced to do a lot of walking. Walking is very healthy, and in a museum we walk from scene to scene and this is great.
  4. They bring people together. I once started dating someone I met at a museum. We connected because we were both interested in the same things. Also, going to the museum with your family is a great thing and it’s a great date for any occasion.
  5. They are great tourist attractions in smaller towns. Yes, many small towns across Manitoba are proud of their museum and having one makes even the smallest village notable. City’s quite wouldn’t be the same without a place for tourists to go and learn more about it’s history.

This has been my list of 5 reasons why museums are important. Thank you for visiting our Manitoba blog and we hope you come back soon!