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My Favorite Movie: Night at the Museum (2006)

It might be because my dream job has always been to work in a museum, but it just so happens that Ben Stiller is also my favorite actor. When this movie came out, I went insane with joy. I remember watching it for the first time so clearly.

The story is a fantasy about the articles in the museum coming to life at night and Ben Stiller has to deal with it alone. It’s really, really funny.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend Night at the Museum. I don’t usually watch movies like this but I had to see it, and I’m talking about it now because I just watched it again for the sixth time last night. It never gets old. The sequel isn’t as good but it’s also a great movie.

The movies I usually watch are medieval movies like these. It might be because when I was little I went to a medieval museum in Italy and it blew my mind. The Middle Ages are so fascinating, but not as exciting as exhibits coming to life in a museum like Night at the Museum. But by far I would be happiest if my Medieval Canadian Museum idea came to life, because then I could meet my ancestors, even though they would only be wax dummies. It would be like an episode of Scooby-Doo.

In Night at the Museum, my favorite scene is when Ben Stiller is being chased by the dinosaur. That scene always made me laugh and it still does.

I give Night at the Museum 5 out of 5 stars.

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Professional Landscaping Winnipeg Workforce Saves the Day

If you want to know how a landscaping Winnipeg workforce saved the day then keep reading. The other day in Winnipeg where the new property is developing, our team was at loss on where in to get landscaping services. Our property where the old Manitoba museum is being renovated (it had been a storehouse for years), we decided to call local professionals and see what they had to say.

We’re remodeling the old Manitoba museum (location still undisclosed) to house a wildlife museum. We asked landscaping companies who could work with us for free as a form of charity to help us fundraise for the cause when one landscaping Winnipeg workforce stepped forward and offered to assist with the entire properties landscaping for free for a year.

This offer saved the day for our project because we were unprepared to hire landscapers because we’re a charity organization and wanted to make sure the charity we get from fundraising goes to the right causes. Now we can make sure that happens.

The company’s name is Winnipeg Landscaping Pros: available at (204) 900-8725, 7 days a week.

Thank you, guys, for saving the day! You’re amazing and we can’t wait to get started with your incredible landscaping services.

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I Bought a Used Car and Got it Professionally Washed!

Hello. Today I just have an exciting announcement for you all. Some of you might not find this interesting, so I’m just letting you know now. But if you care at all about me then you’ll feel excited for me because I just bought a new car! Well, really it’s a used car but after getting professional auto detailing I consider it new. It really looks new!

Why did I buy a new car, you ask?

That is a decent question and deserves an answer, because really I shouldn’t be able to afford it but I forced myself to. The other day after I was done writing about Auto Detailing Victoria’s car museum idea, I really started craving a nice automobile to drive. I got a new credit card to buy my Honda Civic and the car cleaners touched it up so that it looks new again.

Essentially I was jealous after talking about all the people who have cars and realizing I don’t have one. I’ll have to work harder now to afford its insurance and maintenance but it’s already worth it with all the time I saved going places faster.

So if you’re thinking about getting a new car then just do it! You won’t be able to afford it until you force yourself to, and your life will change forever like mine did!

Thanks for celebrating with me and I look forward to seeing you on the road!


A Great Idea For a Museum from a Friend at Auto Detailing Victoria

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared cool museum ideas here. A while ago we talked about an appliance museum, but I believe this idea I’m about to share is even better. I have to admit though the idea wasn’t mine. A good friend I met in Victoria BC shared it with me but he gave me full rights to use it because he knows he’ll never get around to doing it himself. So what’s this great idea? Keep reading to find out!

A Museum for Old Cars Owned by Famous People!

I’m sure car museums already exist because so many people love them. We have race car lovers, monster truck lovers, motorcycle lovers, etc. But, I bet there isn’t a museum for old cars that were once owned by famous people yet! If there is then I apologize, and I really need to go there. I want to share this idea either way because Canada could use more cool museums and this idea is great.

I’d love to see the car that all my favorite celebrities drove in. My friend from Auto Detailing Victoria who shared this idea with me said he wants to sit in Elvis’ car, and he would pay a lot of money to do it. That could be another great way for the museum to make money. They could charge celebrity fans for sitting in the car. Isn’t that great! It would even just be cool to know what kind of cars celebrities drove. Like, I have no idea what my favorite TV stars used to drive.


Here is a list of all the celebrities I love enough to pay to sit in their car:

  1. Jack Black
  2. Jim Carey
  3. Will Smith
  4. Madonna
  5. Stephen Colbert
  6. Neil deGrasse Tyson

I’m sure there are a lot more but they don’t come to my head right now. As a museum lover who loves electronics like appliances this appeals to me a lot because cars are amazing and provide such great services for people on our planet. I’m glad to see that things are turning electric but there’s nothing more awesome than old cars sometimes. I think opening a museum that let’s people sit in celebrity’s cars would be great for our Canadian economy because people would come from all around the world to do it.

classic automobile

What do you think? Would you go to a museum like this? I sure would! I know old cars aren’t for everyone but I think a lot of people would like this.

Just imagine it! Imagine what it would feel like to sit in the same seat that George RR Martin sat in and put your hands on the steering wheel. I might have to scream with joy if that happened, and I forgot to put him on my list!

Who’s car would you like to sit in? Is there a celebrity you love so much that you would travel across the world and pay a fee just to sit in their car? My friend who is an auto detailer in Victoria BC made another great point, and I was surprised to hear it because he washes vehicles for a living. He said, despite how awesome it is to have clean cars on display he would prefer to sit in Elvis’ car while it’s in the same condition it was when Elvis passed away. It’s probably hard to find cars from dead celebrities in their original condition because collectors enjoy cleaning them but I’m sure it could be done if we dig hard enough.

So that was my friend’s cool museum idea. I had a lot of fun driving across Canada and I hope to do it again sometime soon!


A Poem About Driving Through British Columbia, Canada

I had a nice visit to Victoria BC the other day and wanted to share a poem I wrote on the way. I hope you enjoy! Please keep in mind though that I haven’t written many poems before and this one doesn’t even rhyme. However I think it does good justice for how I felt that day on the road through BC! usually doesn’t do poetry but I though it would be nice to mix things up. I’m glad you’re here!


The wind whistles nicely

Through my open window

Rustling my hair

With a sweet breeze

Just me, myself, the road

And the lovely BC air

Driving through the country

Enjoying the sights and scenes

Wishing I could stay here

Forever on the road

Driving through BC

Nothing quite compares


The Best Way to Fix Any Broken Home Appliance!

This is a great tip my grandma gave me when I was a bachelor living on my own, before I knew a thing about working around electronics. It’s one of the best tips I’ve gotten in my life and now I hope it serves you well.

What is the best way to repair your oven, your fridge, your freezer or any other domestic appliance? The answer is simple! Call a local professional appliance repair company and tip them well!

Didn’t think it would be so simple, eh? Well, it is. All you got to do to fix your broken kitchen appliances is trust the nearest expert, as they’re in the appliance repair business for a good reason. Later I want to show more complex, hands-on approaches to fixing your appliances yourself, but for now this tip should suffice and hopefully save you time so you can do more of what you’re supposed to be doing and not wasting time fumbling around with the fridge.

I hope that was helpful and hope to see you soon! Check out another appliance repair related post.

appliance repair

Kelowna BC Appliance Services Changed My Life! – Here’s How…

Welcome to this story of how my life changed. This blog would not be the way it is today if I had not visited the wonderful city of Kelowna in inner British Columbia this summer. It all started as recent as two weeks ago. I was driving alone down the road when I saw an old man dumping a broken-down oven on the side of the road. He seemed to be struggling so I curbed my car and hopped out to ask if he needed help.

It turned out this strange old man needed a lot of help as he had more than ten other major kitchen appliances he was dumping on the side of the road. I ended up helping him for more than an hour as he had broken fridges and gas ranges that all needed to be set neatly for a his son’s junk removal truck to pick up. The reason my life changed that day is because of the things that old man said to me.

He said many things that I’ll never forget, but here are some of my favorite quotes:

  1. “Never fix an appliance that isn’t already broken.”
  2. “Find something you love and love it as much as you can.”
  3. “Life’s too short to clean your jeans by hand, so buy a clothes washing machine.”
  4. “I wish I had gotten a dishwasher a lot sooner, as over my life I’ve spent countless thousands of hours doing my own dishes with a mucky sponge.”
Kelowna BC, Canada

Indeed, as you can guess this man had been an appliance repair mechanic all his life, and he had just retired the day before. When I told him that I had just recently been employed as an appliance mechanic myself, he opened up to me and gave me a life’s experience in one hour of words. He had collected these appliances over his lifetime hoping to fix them on his spare time and sell them to friends and family, but had never gotten around to it. He had been in and out of the hospital over the past 8 years for stomach cancer and now he was finally ready to give his broken home appliances away. He taught me many tricks of the trade and appliance repair tips, and I’ll be sharing these over the years on this blog for I had written them down in my notebook.

The reason why this story was so life changing for me is because that is when I got the idea for an appliance museum exhibition and really grew a respect for following one’s dreams and working hard in life to maintain a nice home. This man had worked so hard all his life and he had a lot to show for it. His house was tantamount to a mansion with 4 floors and countless large windows. He had a butler who cleaned and cooked for him and a wife who loved him dearly. For me it was a slap across the face that said I needed to adjust my path and change my thinking, and it was such an impactful moment that I am crying right now as I write this.

If you had met this old man for yourself, you’d understand. But unfortunately I learned from his wife over the phone that he had died two days after I had left. I will never forget him. Thanks for reading and check back at my blog––soon for my museum and appliance repair related content. Until then, farewell!

history of kitchen appliance museum exhibition

Appliance Repair Museum – The History of Kitchen Appliances

In a previous post I talked about a great idea for a medieval-themed museum exhibition, but now I have another great idea for you! This exhibition idea will teach children the evolution of kitchen appliance design as well as show even adults what life was like when every family still had rudimentary appliances and how these appliances were used.

We had fire stoves, ice boxes, etc, and they each provided a different function and service for the family home similar to many of the appliances we still use today. If you want to support this idea and see it in your local museum then start a petition in your local community because many times the reason we don’t get what we want is because we never ask.

Thanks for reading and until next time, farewell!

medieval manitoba

A New Great Idea for a Museum Exhibition: Medieval Canadians

Hello, folks. Yesterday night while taking a shower I came up with a great idea for a museum exhibition and I want to share it with you. If you have the power to make this real, feel free to use my idea as I believe it will help any museum get a lot more visitors.

As some of my friends know, I believe we’re living in the Second Renaissance and some hard evidence to prove it is Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians and South Africans all looking back at their medieval heritage because now Columbus and all the explorers of his time in the 15th century have left us to enjoy their party without them and now we’re all wondering where we came from. To learn about our heritage we are forced to explore medieval Europe. So a great exhibition plan would be to research where the majority of your town’s or city’s heritage comes from and make an exhibition that teaches people about the medieval heritage of the people who migrated here in the 15th century.

I believe this would be great for the Manitoba Museum to do about French and English immigrants in the 15th to 17th centuries, because this is a grey and nebulous topic. When we think of Canadian history we usually think of the 18th and 19th centuries, but the the truth is Europeans were living in Canada in the late Middle Ages, as late at the 1490s and that is what an exhibition should be showing.

So the title of this exhibition would be Medieval Canadians, and it would explore the first Canadians who lived in Manitoba during the 15th century. Of course, they wouldn’t be called “Canadians” that early in time but it’s easy for us to call them that because they lived in the land that we now call Canada.

So what are your thoughts on this? Thanks for reading! If you’re think about visiting I’d love to wish you welcome to Manitoba!

5 Reasons Why Museums are Important

Today I want to share 5 reasons why museums are important. As a museum lover I try to think why someone who doesn’t know much about museums might want to care more about them. So let’s begin.

Five Reasons

  1. Museums educate people in a way no other thing can. If you want to learn about something, there are many ways to do it, but none of them are quite like going to an exhibition in the museum. Unlike reading Wikipedia articles, going to the museum let’s you see things physically right in front of your eyes and you can reach out and touch them. Usually experts can guide you and describe the thing you want to learn as you tour through a physical place. Even virtual reality isn’t quite like this, and it’s very special.
  2. They get children excited to learn. Indeed, I remember being 9 years old and going to an exhibition about WW2 airplanes at the museum and that day I fell in love with airplanes. A child can find his or her passion by accident simply by going to the museum.
  3. They give you exercise. My mom used to say the main reason she loved shopping in the mall is because she’s forced to do a lot of walking. Walking is very healthy, and in a museum we walk from scene to scene and this is great.
  4. They bring people together. I once started dating someone I met at a museum. We connected because we were both interested in the same things. Also, going to the museum with your family is a great thing and it’s a great date for any occasion.
  5. They are great tourist attractions in smaller towns. Yes, many small towns across Manitoba are proud of their museum and having one makes even the smallest village notable. City’s quite wouldn’t be the same without a place for tourists to go and learn more about it’s history.

This has been my list of 5 reasons why museums are important. Thank you for visiting our Manitoba blog and we hope you come back soon!